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1What is the Impression West Lake Show?
Impression West Lake is the most famous outdoor show displaying the elegance and enchantment of Hangzhou as a renowned cultural tourist destination of China. This is a high-quality performance on a large scale. You can get more information at their official website: http://www.hzyxxh.com/en/
2How can I book tickets for the Impression West Lake Show?
Many local travel agencies offer tickets for Impression West Lake. Here is a list of websites that offer online ticket booking for the show: 

(website in Chinese, you may need translation assistance) 

(website in Chinese, you may need translation assistance) 

(This is in English. All you need to do is contact them via email or telephone to ask what they offer.) 
3We plan to have a trip in Eastern China starting from Hangzhou. Would you please recommend some reliable travel agencies in Hangzhou providing services with an acceptable price?
Hangzhou is a traditional tourist city in China with hundreds of travel agencies providing diverse tour itineraries. They offer something for everyone. For overseas travelers, the regionally famous travel agencies can be found here: 


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