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Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of ...

2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival; First Section of Hangzhou Metro Line 5 Is in Operation! West Lake Cultural Feast; Qiandao Lake Scenic Area Real-Name Tickets... Click to learn more

Hangzhou Tourism E-Journal 27

Stargazing and Night Sky Watching Guide in June; High Time and Great Places to Enjoy the Beauty of Lotus ; Ideal Summer Escapes in Hangzhou; Watching Stars and the Moon in Hangzhou's Superb Campsites ...

Hangzhou Tourism E-Journal 26

The Hidden Secrets of Hangzhou’s Marathon; Appreciate the Beauty of a Canal Town; Chrysanthemum Vie with Each Other for Glamour; How to Satisfy Your Taste Buds in Hangzhou ... Read on to learn more

Hangzhou Tourism E-Journal 25

How Beijiaqiao River is Making Waves… ; Autumn - Season of Harvest; New Experiences of Intelligent Tourism in the West Lake; Bridges Spanning the Qiantang River… Read on to learn more

Hangzhou Tourism E-Journal 24

The Asian Games “Hangzhou Clock” is Ticking Fast; Hangzhou’s Trip Down Memory Lane; A Peaceful Paradise in Downtown ; Storing the Memory of an Old City ... Read on to learn more

Hangzhou Tourism E-Journal 23

Lotus in Bloom; Jiang Village Dragon Boat Festival; The First Voyage of Qiantang River Night Cruise; New Conveniences in Hiring Hangzhou Public Bicycles

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