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Beautiful Villages of Grand Hangzhou 2019-09-19

They all say that the countryside of Grand Hangzhou is the most beautiful, so let's get on a weekend excursion to Xiaoshan county of Hangzhou and enjoy the charm of the new countryside in the following five towns.


Recommended Route One:
One-day Tour of Lou Ta Ancient Town


Morning: Arrive at Lou Ta Culture and Creative Town, visit Lou Ying Memorial Hall, Lou Manwen Memorial Hall, Li Keran Painting Academy and so on.
Noon: A delicious lunch at the farmhouse.
Afternoon: Go to the base of Dendrobium candidum in Xianyan Mountain. It is located in Xianyan Mountain Forest Park with good natural environment protection. By simulating the natural growing environment of wild Dendrobium candidum and studying the latest planting and tissue culture technology, the development of Dendrobium candidum, a precious resource, achieved new progress.


Recommended Route Two:
One-day Tour of Tea and Pearl Embroidery


Morning: Arrive at Suoqian Dongwu Reservoir. Dongwu Reservoir is located in the beautiful ecological park of Suoqian Town. The reservoir has beautiful environment with fruit trees on both sides and green mountains. It is a landmark scenic spot and a good place for local people to fish.
Noon: Arrive at Zhao family tea base. Here you can enjoy the process of hand frying tea leaves, listen to tea farmers explain the knack of tea making and tea ceremony art while tasting a cup of fragrant green tea, breathe the fresh air of the villa, and enjoy the comfort in the countryside. If interested, you can go to the opposite hillside to experience being a peasant by digging bamboo shoots and picking tea leaves, and then return to the farmhouse to enjoy delicious lunch.
Afternoon: Arrive at Lingfei Manor and experience the culture of pearl embroidery. Pearl embroidery is developed on the basis of China's famous embroidery. It has not only fashionable Euro-American romantic style, but also elegant and profound oriental culture and national charm. Here, we can not only appreciate some pearl embroidery works, but also make a pair of pearl embroidery products to take home. Delicious afternoon tea is served on the farmhouse while enjoying the typical scenery of the landscape Jiangnan Area.


Recommended Route Three:
One-day Tour of Puyang Traditional Skills


Morning: Go to Jinmaitian Vegetable Planting Base, located on the beautiful Puyang River, to pick vegetables and fruits. As a leading agricultural enterprise in Xiaoshan District, it has a vegetable planting base of 1200 mu, which is the best area for producing pollution-free vegetables.
Afternoon: Visit the Hall of Puyang Shoes. Puyang is known as the home of shoe industry. It invested more than 3 million yuan in the early stage to create the hall to showcase local traditional skills, entrepreneurship and innovative achievements, to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs, and to add a fashionable touch to hemp knitting technology. The Hall of Puyang Shoes has become a golden business name card showing Puyang to the whole world. Here, you can appreciate the beauty of exquisite Puyang Shoes, and of course, if you like, you can ask the master in the hall to make a pair for you to take home.


Recommended Route Four:
Daicun Fitness Day Tour


Morning: Arrive at Nansan Village, Daicun Town, and enjoy the beautiful homeland construction of the village. Afterward, go to Sanqingyuan National Hiking Fitness Trail to enjoy the scenery of the tea plantation.
Afternoon: After lunch, visit Jianshanxia Village, Daicun Residence Aggregation Area. Along the way, we’ll visit some famous B&Bs including Jinsun Ecology Homestay, Early Morning holiday Inn and Seven Stars. Finally, we’ll reach the one-hundred-million-year-old volcanic sites and appreciate the work of nature.


Hike from Yangjiaxi Trail Entrance, pass by Xiangtianling Reservoir and descend along the mountain road. Along the route, you will see the Fairy Lake, the landmark attraction of Daicun. In the Fairy Lake, you will have a chance to enjoy the sparkling reflection of egrets flying in the green hills and the rare freshwater jellyfish.

(Note: Freshwater jellyfish has existed for hundreds of millions of years or even billions of years. It has great academic value and is endangered. It has been listed in the Red List of China as an extremely endangered animal, comparable to the giant panda and Chinese sturgeon.)

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