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Old Meets New 2019-06-10

The day of June 8th is China's third national cultural and natural heritage Day. To advertise and display the unique charm of cultural heritages, and to push forward the creative transformation and innovative development of the integration of cultural heritages with tourism, Chun'an will form its  own Cultural and Natural Heritage Day and hold the grand exchange activity of She County intangible cultural heritage.


Traditional Crafts Demonstration


13:00-20:00 on June 6
9:30-20:00 on June 7 to 8
9:30-16:00 on June 9


Exhibition Hall in Building 1, Qilong Lane Slow Life Block, Qiandao Lake



1. Traditional crafts exhibition: more than 20 representative intangible heritage projects from Chun'an County and She County including Eight Capitals Linen Embroidery, Qingxi Longan Inkstone, Huizhou Ink and Huizhou Carving are exhibited and available for participation.


2. She County cultural heritage photo exhibition: Carefully selected photographic works of She County cultural heritages are on exhibition.


3. Culture, tourism and sports promotional video display: LED electronic screens installed in the exhibition hall to play the promotional videos of Chun'an County and She County culture, tourism and sports, to further enrich the contents and forms of the exhibition and promote cultural tourism resources.


▲Eight Capitals Linen Embroidery Craft

▲Qingxi Longan Inkstone Making Skill

▲Straw Fan Making Skill

▲Manufacturing Techniques of Copper Wares


Intangible Heritage "Flashmob"


June 7 to 8

There will be intangible cultural heritage performance "Flashmob" available at 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 7:00 pm from June 7 to June 8 in places including Qilong Lane overpass and square, so as to fully create a festive atmosphere and publicize the unique charm of intangible cultural heritages of traditional music dances from Chun’an County and She County. (The final performances and time are subject to the actual arrangement on the day.)


Free Appraisal of Folk Treasures


9:00 am-11:30 am on June 7


small square of Building A6, Qilong Lane Slow Life Block


Trash or treasure, experts will tell you what your item is worth. Three treasure evaluation experts in fields of chinaware, painting and calligraphy, as well as miscellaneous items from Zhejiang Provincial Museum will be presented to give a free appraisal of your item. It will provide a platform for communications among folk cultural relics collection enthusiasts.


Red Culture Memory


June 6 to June 7


both sides of the new steps of Building A6, Qilong Lane, Qiandao Lake


Centered on the theme of 2019 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day "conservation of revolutionary culture and inherit the red culture", over ten chun'an county red culture sites have been demonstrated in the form of pictures and illustrations.

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