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Great Rafting Places Near Hangzhou Downtown 2019-09-20

The high temperature in Hangzhou continues and it starts to get boring to be confined to air-conditioned rooms. What should you do? Find a great rafting place near Hangzhou to feel cool!



Yalu Whitewater Slalom Sight


The Yalu Whitewater Slalom Sight (pinyin: ya lu ji liu tan xian feng jing qu; simplified Chinese: 雅鲁激流探险风景区) in Tonglu, Hangzhou is located in the Daxi Gorge (大溪峡), which is located in the historical site of the Quaternary Glacier. It has an amazing 8-km-long gorge and the natural scenery on both sides is breathtaking. The vertical drop of 198 meters and the water volume of 5m/second provide everyone with a thrilling rafting experience. The entire rafting takes about two hours.


Yalu Rafting is characterized by big vertical difference, large water volume, breathtaking scenery, super thrilling rafting experience and spacious layout, and perfectly integrates wondrous and magnificent gorge scenery with rafting, a thrilling rapids exploration sports.


Yalu Rafting provides you professional facilities and staff to ensure you a safe yet exciting rafting experience.

Address: Hecun Village, Hecun Town, Tonglu County 桐庐县合村乡合村
Hours: 13:00-15:00 10:00-15:00 from Monday to Friday; 12:00-15:00 on weekends
Price: 180 CNY per person

Shuangxi Rafting


Heralded as No. 1 Rafting in Jiangnan Region, Shuangxi Rafting (pinyin: shuang xi piao liu; simplified Chinese: 双溪漂流) is located in Jingshan Town, 30 kilometers northwest of Hangzhou. It was rated as a 4A scenic area (the second-highest title honored to scenic areas in China) in December 2014 by China National Tourism Bureau.

The final stop of Shuangxi Bamboo Rafting is Shuangxi Paradise (pinyin: shuang xi le yuan; simplified Chinese: 双溪乐园), where happy carnival is available on a daily basis - swimming in open-air water fun area; barbeque, chat and daydream in Mengxi Beach Leisure Area; or have more fun in the amusement park area.


You can take the Ferris Wheel to see the panoramic view of Shuangxi bamboo forest, and there are also bumper cars, horseback riding, Shuangxi yurt performance stage, bamboo forest ghost house and other entertainment projects.


Address: 2 Zhuhai Road, Shuangxi, Jingshan Town, Yuhang District 余杭区径山镇双溪竹海路2号
Hours: 8:00-17:00 in summer and 8:00-16:30 in winter
Price: 115 CNY per person

Longjing Gorge Rafting


Longjing Gorge Rafting (pinyin: long jing xia piao liu; simplified Chinese: 龙井峡漂流) is the latest rafting and water fun project launched by Dalong Bay Scenic Spot in Western Zhejiang Province. Longjing Gorge Rafting is located at the mouth of Dalong Bay scenic area in Western Zhejiang Province, between Longjing and Longgang streams.

Longjing Gorge Rafting is 3 kilometers long and the vertical difference between the starting point and the ending point is 128 meters with dams' height ranging from three to five meters. Along the rafting route are set wharves, safeguards and life-saving facilities; and storage boxes, showers and other facilities are available. The rafting takes about an hour.

Address: Longjing Village Changhua Town, Lin'an District 临安区昌化镇龙井村
Hours: 09:00 to 16:00
Price: 205 CNY per person

Hulu Gorge Rafting


Hulu Gorge Rafting (pinyin: hu lu xia piao liu; simplified Chinese: 葫芦峡漂流) is located inside China National key scenic area – Sailing Along Seven-li Rapids in Jiande. It is known as "No. 1 Ecological Rafting in Zhejiang" and "No. 1 Thrilling Rafting in East China".


The rafting route is about three kilometers long and takes about an hour to finish. Hulu Gorge Rafting shows four characteristics: surging water, strange rocks, wondrous forest and many pools.


During the rafting, there are constantly tourists uttering screams out of surprise and also praises of the beauty of the natural scenery.

Address: 274 Zixu Road, wharf of Sailing Along Seven-li Rapids, Qitan Town, Jiande City 建德市乾潭镇七里扬帆码头子胥路274号
Hours: 8:30-16:30 from Monday to Sunday
Price: 147 CNY per person

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