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Beautiful Hotels That You Shouldn't Miss 2019-11-06

Qiandao Lake, which combines beautiful scenery, delicious food, parent-child and outdoor activities is absolutely the most popular resort for holidaymakers. As one of the most popular resorts in East China, Qiandao Lake has gathered many luxury hotel resorts. Today I would like to recommend the most beautiful hotels in Qiandao Lake.


Ahn Lun Qiandao Lake 


The Third in the world

In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Qiandao Lake is not a typical "south region of the Yangtze River", but a typical "water town" (including 1078 islands, Xin'anjiang hydropower station, many aquatic activities that must be played every summer), which are well known since ancient times.


 Anlu is situated here (in southwest lake area of Qiandao Lake, on Lingyan Road in Jiangjia Town) and adjacent to Wenyuan Lion City.


Walking into the Ahn Lun Qiandao Lake, at the end of the bamboo forest, turning left, you can find a clear "Ahn Lun Qiandao Lake " Logo in a corner. The hotel villa has two lake view bedrooms, outdoor independent swimming pool, and is perfectly merged into the surroundings. Here you can experience living in front of lake.

InterContinental Qiandao Lake

Seated alone in Qiandao Lake's beautiful Xianshan Peninsula

Surrounded by lake, like a paradise on earth, it is seated in the island and stays away from the bustling world. Here, you can see birds parked in the hotel fence, squirrels quietly appearing in the corner, wild chickens walking in the mountains and wild flowers blooming.


In the evening, enjoy a cup of bayberry wine brewed from the hotel's own ecological orchard! Through the semi-circular glass wall in the hall, you can see the distant green mountains.


The hotel covers an area of 37,000 square meters with 255 rooms and suites. The concept of environmental protection provides a healthy and natural living environment. The design of all guest rooms is simple and elegant, and is integrated with local characteristics and natural landscape.


Delicate, luxurious details, natural and wild decorative styles make gardens and buildings very comfortable and pleasing, and full of the warm atmosphere of vacation.

Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort

Three sides surrounded by beautiful waters perfect for appreciating Qiandao Lake

Located on the bank of Qiandao Lake, the hotel enjoys a unique geographical location with 270 degree lake view. It is surrounded by beautiful water on three sides and enjoys prosperity of downtown areas on one side as well. It can be called "quiet in bustle".


The room is spacious and fashionable, with super soft Sheraton Sleeper bed, wide screen LCD TV, high-speed Internet access, spacious balcony, large bathtub and characteristic tropical rain forest shower room.


While enjoying comfort, you can communicate with the outside world at any time, and you can also get a full view of the surrounding scenery from the huge private balcony.

Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort

With the longest shoreline of Qiandao Lake

Hilton is hidden in a mountain depression, facing a lake area called "Lake in the City" and surrounded by an independent bay, which gives the feeling of monopolizing the whole bay.


Ninety-nine percent of the hotel rooms have private balconies which overlook the vast expanse of moist-covered water. Lying on the bed or soaking in the bathtub, you can see the beautiful scenery through the French window.


The bathtub is placed in the direction near the balcony so you can enjoy the lake view without leaving the house. But summer is the best time for swimming. As long as not under burning sun, people prefer to "waste" their time in pools.


It is very romantic to enjoy the beauty of water and sky in the hotel's outdoor infinity swimming pool of constant temperature, as if in the tropical seaside.

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