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Qiandao Lake Scenic Area Free of Admission Fee from September 2019-11-06

Free From September!

If you are a full-time college/university student in China and like to travel during Sept. 1-Dec. 31 to a poetic place, then come to Qiandao Lake! There are beautiful mountains, elegant waters, fresh air and delicious Qiandao Lake fish head dishes. Even better, admission fees are free for undergraduates visiting Qiandao Lake recently.

Qiandao Lake Scenic Area


1.Preferential Time  Sept. 1- Dec. 31, 2019 (except for the Golden Week of National Day)

2.Preferential Policies
Full-time undergraduates (including junior college, college and university) and postgraduates of Chinese colleges and universities, regardless of nationality, with valid certificates (mainly student certificates), are free to visit the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area.


3.Where to Apply for the Privilege
Tourist Terminal in the Central Lake Area of Qiandao Lake and Tourist Terminal in Southeast Lake Area of Qiandao Lake

4.This preferential policy does not apply for two-day tours.

5.Chun'an County Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports reserves the right to the final interpretation of this preferential policy.


Central Lake Area Cruise Terminal of Qiandao Lake, Qiandao Lake Town, Chun'an County.

Southeast Lake Area Cruise Terminal of Qiandao Lake, Qiandao Lake Town, Chun'an County.


Wenyuan Lion City Scenic Area   文渊狮城景区


For the construction of Xin’an River Hydropower Station in 1958, Sui’an County sank into the lake bottom.


At the bottom of the lake, the renowned underwater ancient city still lies quietly, while on the banks of the lake, Wenyuan Lion City was formed with horse-head walls (a typical architecture style of Huizhou-style buildings) and stone memorial archways to recreate the prosperous scene of the 1400-year-old civilization.


Here, visitors can feel the charm of ancient culture, savour the traditional delicacies and embark on a journey to discover the previous and present life of the underwater ancient city.

Telephone:+86 571-64877126
Address:Oxygen Bar Scenic Area, Prince Mountain Forest, Danzhu, Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County

Longchuan Bay Scenic Area   龙川湾景区


Qiandao Lake Longchuan Bay Scenic Spot is located in the southwestern lake area of Qiandao Lake and the entire scenic area covers an area of about 2.31 square kilometers.


It is a lake-style wetland and the only one of the kind in Qiandao Lake. It is characterized by islands of different sizes dotting the area and tributaries zigzagging in the area, forming the spectacular view of “islands found in the lake and the lake seen among the islands”.


In Longchuan Bay Scenic Area, you can take a sightseeing car or an environment-friendly boat to taste * Da Guo Fan (food prepared in a large canteen cauldron), watch a Chinese old movie, and experience the life of * Zhiqing (sent-down youths). The place provides visitors a variety of experience projects combining with wetland ecotourism, rich and colorful, including mountain fishing, ballooning experience, jungle trains, speedboat rides and other special tourism projects.


All will make you linger, as if you are in a paradise. Longchuan Bay Scenic Area combines sightseeing, leisure, experience and nostalgia.


Address:Southwest Tourist Terminal, Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County (Jiangjia Town)

Jiupaojie Scenic Area  九咆界景区


Qiandao Lake Jiu Pao Jie Scenic Area is known for nine distinguish and roaring waterfalls.


The scenic area is surrounded by water and mountains, and people will find peculiar-shaped hills and rocks almost everywhere inside it.


It is about 70 kilometers away from Qiandaohu Town and takes roughly one hour to get there by car.

Telephone:+86 571-64995588
Address:Pingmen Township on the outskirts of Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County


Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area  千岛湖石林景区


The 20-square-kilometer Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area is one of China's four major stone forests. It is unique in East China for its wide area, large scale and strange landscape, and is called "the Top One Stone Forest in East China".


It is a labyrinth of karst landscape and is composed of three sections. Inside the scenic area, there are rolls upon rolls of steep peaks and all kinds of stone formations including stone walls, stone columns, stalagmites, stone caves, each with its own characteristics.

Address:Xiling Village, Shilin Town, Chun'an County
Note:The free tickets are only for the admission to scenic areas, while transportation fees in the areas should be paid by themselves. Please redeem your tickets in the free ticket window.

Chun'an Museum 淳安县博物馆


When arriving at a new city, the museum is a must-visit to get to know the city. Chun’an County Museum consists of three parts, that is, the History Hall, the Immigration Hall and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall.


With the 4000-year-old history of Chun’an as the main line, the museum displays the cultural accumulation related with Xin’an River and how Qiandao Lake was formed, aiming to build a combination of “a cultural homeland which people can go back to whenever they want ” and “a spiritual homeland which people can’t let go.”


Chun'an Museum provides free explanation for groups of college students with more than 10 members.

Telephone:+86 571-65032202
Address:No. 113 Pearl Avenue, Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County


Reservation is required.

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