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Jieshou Welcomes You! 2019-11-06
Jieshou Town (界首乡) is about 30 kilometers away from Chun'an County. In 2011, it was approved as a state-level ecological town. In 2015, the area of Jieshou was approved as a provincial tourism resort by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. In 2017, Aoshan Village successfully established a provincial 3A-level scenic village.

In 2018, Jieshou was established as the holding venue of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games track cycling, mountain cycling and open water swimming competition events.
Jieshou is well known for producing great citrus fruits in Chun'an County and reputed as "hundred-li* fruit corridor, 10,000-mu* citrus base". At present, there are 16,146 mu of orchards in the whole town, of which the citrus orchard area is 14910 mu. Seasonal fruit is available all year round including watermelons, peaches, pitayas, figs and so on.
* The “li” is a Chinese unit of length and one li approximately equal to 0.5 km.
* The “mu” is a Chinese unit of area, and one mu is approximately equal to 666 sq m
The unique zonal calcareous purple sandy soil and good climate in Jieshou have bred high-quality citrus fruits, which not only have abundant water, high sugar content and excellent taste, but also have won many awards in provincial and municipal appraisals.
In 2018, with the slogan of "Thousand Islands and One Lake Make Good Citrus Fruits", the township party committee government carried out the mode of "unified packaging, unified publicity and unified sales" and launched the only brand of Jieshou Citrus Fruits.

At the same time, it signed a strategic agreement with the China Post and through the Provincial Agricultural Exposition, Jieshou Citrus Fruits found its way into thousands of households, attracted thousands of cycling enthusiasts and tourists to come. Jieshou has gradually transformed from a traditional agricultural town into a land integrated with agriculture, tourism and postal services.
In recent years, the B&B industry in Jieshou has developed rapidly. At present, there are 68 B&Bs fully licensed in the whole town, including three boutique B&Bs.

Chunxiangju B&B is with the theme of fish culture, which not only retains the original architectural style, but also incorporates modern elements. All buildings are scattered in villages in harmony with the aborigines and full of a strong flavor of rural life.
Aoshan Fishing Village•Chunxiangju Hidden in rural residential houses 
To explore small mountain villages in Yanxia Village (岩下村) and have fun among white-walled and black-tiled buildings and mountain trails. The Japanese-style B&B "Liyuan Xiaocun", which is seated in secluded mountains and forests with a clean and serene environment, still retains the sense of the age of the original white walls and black tiles.
Japanese-style B&B Liyuan Xiaocun
Visit the fairy-tale village in the county and walk into fantastic and colorful Mahuang. There is also a fairy-tale village in Jieshou - Mahuang Village, where the facades of houses are painted red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple with various interesting patterns. You can experience the romantic fairy-tale charm without leaving the county.
Mahuang Village Yi Ta Hu Tu Boutique B&B
Mahuang New Village - Colorful Mahuang B&Bs
Mahuang and Yanjia Villages are taking their next step to declare B&Bs concentrated villages. At the same time, B&B associations and management companies will be set up to standardize management and prepare for serving the Asian Games.
Yanjia Village Resettlement Site - Jinxiyuan, Yanjia Wharf
Tourist Route One: Happy Picking Tour
Visit the Citrus Fruits Exhibition Center - Citrus Fruits Picking Experience in Jieshou Citrus Base - Yanxia Liyuan Xiaocun (play with small animals in the happy farm, fruits and vegetables picking in the field, mountain trail hiking)
Tourist Route Two: Happy Team Building Tour
Zhong Cai Hu Zhuang Team Building Experience (Water Dragon Relay, Magical Brush, Shiatsu Plate, etc.) – Mountain hiking to find Sika Deer - Team Building on Water Experience - Cooking Supper over farmhouse stove in groups
Jieshou Souvenirs:
Beautiful Succulent Plants
Qiandao Sparassis Crispa
In the golden autumn, flame-red dragon fruit, lovely sparassis crispa and golden citrus fruits are all over the hills and fields. Let's enjoy the pleasant scenery and fruit picking in Jieshou. 
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