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The Most Beautiful Scenery of Qiandao Lake is on Bridges 2020-07-31

Qiandao Lake is famous for “the purest water under the sun”. On the lake span many graceful bridges, adding a charming touch to the scenery of Qiandao Lake. Today, let’s walk on these bridges to enjoy the charm of Qiandao Lake from a different angle.

Shangjiangbu Bridge 上江埠大桥

Shangjiangbu Bridge has 3 tunnels with a total length of 1045m. Its opening to traffic and completion of connection with other roads marked the formation of the ring road around Qiandao Lake. Between the beautiful mountains and rivers of Qiandao Lake, the Shangjiangbu Bridge displays the majestic combination of nature and man.

The Cycling Bridge 骑行桥

As the first cycling landscape bridge in Qiandao Lake, the Cycling Bridge not only filled the gap in Qiandao Lake cycling bridges, but also has become a landmark structure of greenway cycling around the lake from the perspective of landscape effects. It is also the best place for cycling enthusiasts to cycle and stroll, and enjoy the enchanting scenery of Qiandao Lake.

Xiaojinshan Bridge 小金山大桥

Xiaojinshan Bridge is located in the Reservoir area of the Xin'an River of Qiandao Lake. It crosses the channel of the Xin'an River and enjoys the unique charm of Qiandao Lake. The greenway in Xiaojinshan also provides a better cycling environment for the majority of cycling enthusiasts, and also provides a more effective guarantee for cycling safety.

Qiandaohu Bridge 千岛湖大桥

The modern bridge runs westwards across Qiandao Lake with a total length of 1258 meters and a width of 18 meters. The main bridge is 928 meters in length and the two-way sideways are each 1.5 meters wide. Like a majestic rainbow spanning the lake, it is a crystallization of wisdom and sweat of bridge builders.

Jinzupai Bridge 金竹牌大桥

Located in the Chun'an Section of the Hangzhou-Qiandao Lake Highway, the 1343-meter-long Jinzhu Bridge is especially remarkable for its 252-meter-long, 2,000-ton main bridge, which is suspended across the lake like a rainbow without a single pile foundation. According to the introduction of construction experts, the main bridge adopts the dech-type steel pipe arch bridge technology. Due to the 252 meters span, it set the record of highway bridges in Zhejiang Province, known as the "first span of Zhejiang highway."

Weiping Bridge 威坪大桥

Qiandao Lake Weiping Bridge spans 198 meters. It is red in color, which stands for passion, liveliness, warmth, happiness and auspiciousness.
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