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Qiandao Luneng Resort to Interpret the Splendors of Asian Games 2020-07-31

Qiandao Lake is one of the venues for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and also the event area that will award the most gold medals outside Hangzhou downtown.

Chun’an Asian Games Sub-Village is located in Qiandao Luneng Resort. During the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, six matches with 25 gold medals including mountain cycling, track cycling, road cycling, bicycle motocross, triathlon and open water swimming will be held in Qiandao Luneng Resort.

“Round as A Pearl and Smooth as Jade” & Two Solved Difficulties
Located in Qiandao Luneng Resort, the Hangzhou Asian Games – Chun’an Asian Games Sub-Village, adopts the design theory of “Fish Jumping at Dawn·Qianao Lake As a  Pearl”, through partial membrane structure application, glass curtain wall and computer-controlled floodlighting of the architecture to achieve the dynamically changing and colorful effect of the architecture.

Being “Round as A Pearl and Smooth as Jade” is the highlight of the Track Cycling Stadium. The current unimpressive steel structure canopy is the key to build the pearl-round and jade-smooth architecture. The steel structure canopy is composed of the outer-ring and inner-ring latticed shells. Seen from above, the hall is oval with the semi-major axis being 132 meters and the semi-minor 101 meters. Seen from the front, it is almost a hemisphere with a height of 32 meters. The most difficult part of the whole construction process is the steel structure canopy.

One of the difficulties is that the span of the steel structure canopy reaches 110 meters. At that time, 18 reverse supports were used as a force-bearing system for construction. However, after the construction, how to dismantle these 18 reserve supports became a problem. For that, the project department specially invited experts from Zhejiang University and Tongji University to help. The given scheme was to unload the 18 reverse supports simultaneously without time difference. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge.

The second difficulty is the installation of the inner-ring latticed shell. In order to shorten the construction time and reduce the risk of high-altitude operation by constructors, the installation of the inner ring used a new intelligent technology of “sub-assembly + wedging”. The 80-ton inner ring was assembled on the ground as a whole and then hoisted to a height of 32 meters for workers to wedge it into the stadium.

The person in chief of the hall said frankly, “in my career life, this is the first time that I have encountered such a difficult hemisphere steel structure project. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and the construction progress has reached the expected goal”.

Up to now, the main structure of the Track Cycling Stadium project has been completed, the steel structure has been completed, the curtain wall construction has completed 40%, the electrical and mechanical construction has completed 50%, and the initial and refined decoration are also under construction simultaneously; For outdoor temporary projects’ starting area, rotation area and rest area for athletes, etc. of the five matches, the ground leveling has been completed; for the Asian Games sub-village project, the earthwork has been completed and the retaining wall construction has begun. The goal of the acceptance of the completed stadium in March 2021 is getting closer.

 In 2022, guests from all directions will come here, and this "pearl" will soon be unveiled in front of the world.

Qiandao Luneng Continues to Shine in Post-2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Era
Beginning in 2012, Chun'an started the construction of a greenway system focusing on urban greenways and the slow system around Qiandao Lake, and successively completed the construction of Pailing Peninsula greenways, Qianfen greenways, and Chunyang greenways. In 2015, Qiandao Lake Greenway truly became a "ring". Comfortable and safe, and with good environment and service guarantee measures in place, Qiandao Lake has truly become a scenic spot for cycling.

 The Qiandao Lake International Road Cycling Race and the Qiandao Lake Open Water Swimming Open have been a business card that has been shining for more than ten years. The cycling, marathon, triathlon and trailwalk, which take the most beautiful road and the most beautiful greenway as the mainline, the open water swimming, boat race and dragon boat, which take the water resource of Qiandao Lake as the platform, and mountaineering and cross-country running, which take mountain resources of Qiandao Lake as the carrier, continue to attract the attention of the world. Qiandao Lake, where the Qiandao Luneng resort is located, is steadily growing into "the Kingdom of Cycling" and "Sports and Leisure Town".

The upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games will comprehensively enhance the popularity and reputation of Qiandao Lake in the world. The Cycling Stadium located in the Qiandao Luneng Resort will also serve as a valuable heritage to continue its vitality and excitement after the Asian Games.

"The match is not the end, life has just begun." After the Asian Games, in the later stage, the six Asian Games venues and tracks in the Qiandao Luneng Resort will be transformed into a place displaying highlights of international events, which takes international sports facilities as the core and combines with the green ecological environment, to organically integrated activities and health care, bringing people a vacation experience integrating vitality and leisure.

More exciting things in the name of Qiandao Luneng Resort will be presented to the world little by little after being polished by time.
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