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Treasured Places to Beat the Summer Heat by the West Lake 2020-08-05

How to stay cool on hot summer days? It is a good choice to go to nature’s “air-conditioned room”. Today, let's take a look at the treasured places by the West Lake that are worth going to cool off the summer heat!

Yuemiao Administrative District  岳庙辖区

Precious Stone Hill  宝石山

The old-fashioned way in Hangzhou to beat the summer heat usually involves a summer sleeping mat, a cattail leaf fan, and half an iced watermelon and a day spent in a natural cave to feel the natural wind’s caress, which is extremely comfortable!

If you are interested in this old-fashioned beat-the-summer-heat way, then Precious Stone Hill is a great choice. Bat Cave, Jin’gu (Gold Drum) Cave, Tiger Cave, Ziyun (Purple Cloud) Cave... these natural caves are all over Precious Stone Hill. Besides, the Sunrise Terrace (初阳台), the platform of Baochu Pagoda (保俶塔), and the surrounding area of Niugao Tomb (牛皋墓) are all good places to stay cool on hot summer days.

Yuanyuan Folk Custom Garden of Huanglong Cave 黄龙洞圆缘民俗园

The ancients said that one would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo. Bamboo, with its unique charm since ancient times, has conquered the hearts of countless literati.

Yuanyuan Folklore Garden of Huanglong Cave is located in the lush forest of bamboo at the northern foot of the Precious Stone Hill.
There are more than a dozen kinds of precious bamboos in the garden, which is the best place to appreciate bamboo. To hide among dense bamboo forests during the scorching summer days is indescribably satisfying and refreshing.

The Solitary Hill 孤山

The most suitable place to sit, listening to the wind in the Yuemiao Administrative Area is the Solitary Hill. The Solitary Hill, 38 meters high, is a place where cultural relics gather, especially in the area along the lake at the northern foot of the hill, where you can not only enjoy the lake and lotus ponds but also visit cultural attractions and historical buildings in summer.

There are various pavilions on the Solitary Hill, such as the Pavilion of the West Lake Heavenly Sight (西湖天下景亭), Fanghe (Crane) Pavilion (放鹤亭), Fan’gong Pavilion (范公亭), Wanju Pavilion (万菊亭), Sizhao Pavilion (四照亭), Tuanjie Pavilion (团结亭) and so on. There are a total of 13.5 pavilions in the area (the Liuyiquan Pavilion on the east side of the Yulou Building is counted as a half). Sitting in them is a proper Buddha-like way to shelter from the heat.

In addition to the abovementioned leisure and beat-the-summer-heat places, Su Causeway, which is flanked by dense trees whose shade is big enough to block the sky, and Beishan Street, where one can enjoy the summer lake view, are also good places to escape the heat.

Lingyin Administrative District 灵隐辖区

Feilai Peak 飞来峰 (Paid attractions, reservation required)

It is said that the cave is a small natural cold storage. Speaking of summer resorts where natural caves gather, of course, it is Feilai Peak of Lingyin.

Here, the peaks and mountains contend for beauty, and the woods are dense and lush green. As soon as you enter the scenic spot, you can feel a refreshing air coming towards you.

There are natural caves such as Qinglin Cave (青林洞), Yuru Cave (玉乳洞), and Longhong Cave (龙泓洞) in the scenic spot. These caves are dainty and exquisite, with cool air and cold stones. The temperature is around 20℃ throughout the day. Once you enter the cave, you feel like opening the door of a refrigerator, cool and refreshed!

Huagang Administrative District 花港辖区

Santai Cloud and Water  三台云水

Santai Cloud and Water, bordering Yanggong Causeway on the east, Santaishan Road on the west, and Hupao Road on the south, is one of the “The Third Group of Top Ten Views of West Lake”.

Although “Santai Cloud and Water” is beside West Lake, it is free from the hustle and bustle of the lake and is a truly quiet place. There is no noise of crowded tourists but great and surprising scenery almost everywhere.

Zijiu Thatched Cottage  子久草堂

Following the winding path flanked by lush trees, you may encounter a bronze statue of Huang Gongwang* (黄公望), and there you will find the Zijiu Thatched Cottage.

*Huang Gongwang was a Chinese painter, poet, and writer during the late Song dynasty. He was the oldest of the "Four Masters of the Yuan dynasty".

The scenery here is extraordinary, which justifies that Huang Gongwang, who had traveled to a lot of places, decided to build his house here. Here, you can savor a cup of fragrant tea and watch the floating clouds and running water quietly to find a moment of pleasure in a busy life.

Qianjiang Administrative District  钱江辖区

Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunxi  云栖竹径 (Paid attractions, reservation required)

The Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunxi is located on the southwest side of West Lake, on the north bank of the Qiantang River. It is far away from the busy city and has bamboo forests all over slopes and trees making a pleasant shade, so the air quality here has always been good. The summer with the sound of cicadas is the best time of the year to visit Yunxi. The tall and straight bamboos flank the path; the dense green bamboo leaves block the scorching sun; a gust of wind blows leaving behnd a rustle of bamboo leaves ... the place appears to be secluded and quiet.

Going deeper, the bamboo path leads to a secluded place. Looking down, you will see the zigzag stone path; looking up, you will see towering ancient trees; in front of you are an eyeful of greenery, very refreshing; and sometimes you can hear the gurgling water, giving you a feeling of returning to innocence.

Hupao Park 虎跑公园 (Paid attractions, reservation required)

Hupao Park, because of the shelter of dense trees, is a bit quieter and cooler than the road. Strolling along the Hupao Road, you will see there is a pool of golden yellow flowers in the lush sequoia forest that stands out. Because it looks like a water lily but its appearance is much smaller than that of a water lily, and it is golden yellow, people have given it the nickname –“three-cun* golden lily”.

*Cun is a unit of length; one cun is equal to 1/3 decimeter.

The three-cun golden lily has a longer flowering period and is in bloom from early summer to early autumn. Words are but wind! Come to Hupao Park to find this “three-cun golden lily"!
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